Located in northern France for many years, BV Productions is a company specializing in the design, approval and manufacture of seats, cabins and accessories for the equipment and processing of rolling stock. Historically positioned on the commercial vehicle and in-cab market, BV Productions has also developed seats and equipment to equip vehicles dedicated to the public transport of people, ambulances, funerary vehicles and equipment specific to Applications.

The company has significant production facilities allowing the realization of welded assemblies in small and medium series. Numerical machines and robots allow a perfect consistency in manufacturing.
The know-how of the staff to finalize the saddlery work makes it possible to obtain an irreproachable level of quality.

Its engineering department and its teams are always available to assist customers in the development of solutions adapted to the multiple applications and expectations of each.

For more than ten years the company has been ISO 9001 certified by UTAC. To remain competitive and open up to international markets, the company established itself in 2003 in Romania. This subsidiary expanded in 2010 in order to satisfy the ever-increasing needs related to sales development.

This is why we offer a wide range of fittings for commercial vehicles adapted and approved to all manufacturers. It combines standard elements compatible with each other to offer solutions specific to each. Fixed and modular solutions make the most of your vehicle.

As an equipment manufacturer, the specific developments of seats, cabins and fittings have enabled a large number of customers to develop their products by relying on supplies of a very high quality.

Are you developing or transforming vehicles?

We offer a full range of approved seats, cabins and accessories to make your installations

You manage a fleet of vehicles (craftsmen, importers, construction companies, renters) or you are an individual and you want a specific arrangement of your vehicle?

We operate a European network of coachbuilders specializing in customized vehicle transformations. Our French and Romanian units are also able to carry out a wide range of transformations going beyond the seats and cabins.


Our teams are at your disposal to assist you in your projects, from conception to marketing.